"Kinoniko EKAV: A social organization of today" A Conference on Social Action

On Saturday, February 18, employees and friends of Kinoniko EKAB gathered at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute to discuss issues that concern people involved in the humanitarian movement.

The event provided an opportunity to express thoughts on issues related to refugees/immigrants, homelessness, people in precarious situations, and generally the issues stemming from the increasing social exclusion during times of crisis. Moreover, this event gave the employees of Kinoniko EKAV the opportunity to meet each other and exchange their ideas and share their motivation about the demanding job they all have to carry out.

Furthermore, the topics of discussion extended to the genesis of Kinoniko EKAV within the framework of the humanitarian movement, both locally and internationally, its particular purpose, its actions, and its impact on modern social development.

Finally, an opportunity was presented to talk about the unfair and harsh criticism of the media upon social and humanitarian organizations. The unfair criticism relies upon the ambiguity of the term NGO (a negative term that refers to what these organizations are not). This broad negative term - NGO - allows an individual to equate self-service projects with genuine organizations of civil society...

It was unanimously agreed that the conference had piqued the interest of all participants, and it was therefore decided to repeat it in the near future.

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