Unit for Supervised Accommodation Unit for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees, aged 16-18 years

The dramatic situation of the thousands of unaccompanied minor refugees in Greece is an important point of concern for Kinoniko EKAV. For this reason, the organization has been operating three structures of unaccompanied minors in Piraeus, Penteli and Kastoria, since 2019.

Today, 1,746 unaccompanied refugee children live in adverse conditions on the streets or in inhospitable and unsuitable Identification Centers. For this reason, Κinoniko EKAV, consistent to its mission, undertook the task to contribute to this dramatic situation, creating the "IASON" program. This name was chosen in honor of the mythological hero Iason, who dynamically undertook his adulthood and took his fate into his own hands, abbot of the Argonaut campaign.

The purpose of the program, which is supported by the National Program of the Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund, is to offer older children (aged 16 to 18), a more independent form of living than that in collective accommodation structures. By selecting children with a sufficient degree of maturity, the program offers them accommodation in independent apartments with semi-autonomous status. Τhese apartments, located in the center of Athens, will accommodate 4 teenagers each. In total, the "IASON" program offers in 5 apartments, hospitality to 20 teenagers, while the operation of a second unit of another 5 apartments has already been launched.

The implementation of the program ensures the harmonious development and adulthood of each child, taking into account the diversity and choices of each individual. The apartments are framed by a team of social workers, psychologists, interpreters, carers, a teacher and a legal advisor. The goal of the "IASON" program is the protection, social inclusion, the gradual autonomy of children, as well as their direct access to education preparing them to enter the world of work.

Emphasis is placed on learning the Greek language, European foreign languages useful for children to them, and the basic principles of computers. The integration of the beneficiaries within the social web, local and national, in which they live and work, is sought through the encouragement of participation in local cultural and sports events.

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