"Nefeli 2" shelter started its operation in January 2020. The first 8 children arrived at the house in the middle of the month and eagerly arranged their things in the space. The green spot where the shelter is located, and the picturesqueness of the area excited the little guests who little after their arrival started playing football in the yard.

From the very first week, the educational programs started, with an initial goal of getting to know, and developing trust between the children and the employees. The theatrical pedagogical activities excited and mobilized the boys, who, seeing the fun exercises suggested to them by the teachers, immediately ran to take part. Somehow, a relationship of trust began to develop between the children and the staff. The group game filled the house with joy and energy and the children every day wait for the moment when these activities will take place.

At the same time, the first Greek and English classes were delivered, in which a significant number of children showed special interest. The desire for knowledge surprised everyone and the children immediately began to use Greek phrases and words in their oral speech. The interactive programs implemented by the teachers made the learning even more fun! Every morning with the arrival of the teachers most of the children run to their rooms to get their notebook and go downstairs waiting for the lesson to start. Many of them constantly and throughout the day ask phrases and words that come to mind and write them down in their notebooks to learn them and use them in Greek later.

On February 4th, the young residents of the shelter welcomed with great joy and enthusiasm the Parents' Association of Krystallio Primary School of Penteli and representatives of the 1st Primary School of Melissia, the Kindergarten of Nea Penteli, the High School of Penteli, the Second High School of Penteli, the Second High School of Penteli, who attended the shelter, in order to cut the New Year's pie. The local community welcomed the young residents of their area in this beautiful way and gave the children board games, balls and stationery. Together they took pictures and found the opportunity to pour into the game! Young and old played football after music and had fun at the stadium opposite Krystalleio. The parents volunteered to provide language lessons, computer and creative lessons to the children and invited them to attend their extracurricular activities such as chess, percussion and robotics. The willingness of the children to participate in these activities is very high, with most children wanting to take part in the chess lesson. For their part, the children suggested teaching cricket lessons to the children of the area.

This is how the first handicraft and painting lessons that showed the children's artistic talent started. As soon as the brushes and paints appeared, all the children, even the older ones, ran to the tables to create! Together they proudly placed their works on the walls and the space was flooded with colors. The children's desire for action and learning prompted those in charge to plan group activities to beautify the area, music and dance meetings with songs from Greece and the countries of origin of the children, film screening and play volleyball, football and cricket in a park near the structure. Excursions, visits to museums, hiking trips, and participation in educational programs of private organizations are planned to take place in the near future.


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