From the very first days, under the initiative and guidance of the employees, the actions began in order for guests to get to know each other but also to feel comfortable in their living space. The afternoon discussions in which everyone participated, without exception, made the young guests open, comfortable, and beautiful with the team. Playing games and making fun never lack in the shelter, with children gathering in the living room, where they make puzzles, drawings, and play board games. The first birthday parties brought even more fun and joy and the festive tables accompanied by music and dance seem to excite the children, who have not had the opportunity to experience such carefree moments recently.

The activities program, started with the beautification of the space, where the children unfolded their artistic talent by painting the walls of the building, giving color and beautiful energy to the space. And yet the appetite for creation and transformation of space did not stop there! In the following days, all together they shaped the outside of the structure by building a coop, which is now taken care of by the children on their own initiative!

At the same time, sports and creative activities unfold in parallel with Greek and English language classes. Stationery, board games and books are available to children, who do not miss the opportunity to use and read them.

A particularly important event is the registration of 18 children in the 1st Technical School (EPAL) of Piraeus. The warm welcome of the Head and the teachers of the school was very moving and the children with joy and appetite showed willingness and thirst for knowledge from the very first days. In order for the children to integrate more smoothly into the daily life of the school, a four-hour reception department was created, which after attending enters the classrooms with the other children of the school. The desire for coexistence and the beautiful treatment with which the other children of the school received them made our little friends feel confident and somehow with joy and appetite to go to school every day.

The warm atmosphere developed in Piraeus Shelter gives the feeling of family and the beautiful relationships that have been developed between the guests and the employees are very moving. With the key to the willingness of the people who staff the effort, excursions, recreational activities are organized that will make the life of our little guests even more exciting and fun!

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