nefeli afisaLiving in a country with increased homelessness rates, we see people on the streets every day, people who have lost every opportunity to claim their rights. The harsh conditions that prevail after the economic crisis, the daily sharpening of social problems and the continuing increase of inequalities lead to a society that loses its most essential characteristics, humanity and solidarity.

Kinoniko EKAV, responding to the basic needs of greek society and faithful to its goal - the fight against any form of exclusion - implements the program "ESTIA - ERGASIA I", in collaboration with the Municipality of Nikaia - Agios Ioannis Rentis. The purpose of the program is to provide housing to people who are in Social Inclusion Shelters of the Municipality, in unsuitable houses, or under homeless condition, within the Municipality. In addition, the aim of the program is to reintegrate these individuals into society through counseling services, professional development and job search through subsidized jobs.

The program is part of the project "HOUSING & WORK FOR THE HOMELESS" project and is implemented within the framework of the program of the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs. Management Authority: Organization of Welfare Benefits & Social Solidarity.


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