Summer Delphi Trip

8 months ago we asked for your support to organize a special trip in the spring! You all stood by our teenage children and so everything went well. The weather conditions and some small obstacles delayed our trip but we finally made it!

So on the first weekend of June, we visited the Archaeological site and the Museum of Delphi, with a large group of unaccompanied minor refugees. The children learned the history of the Oracle of Delphi, the myths about Apollo, the oracles of Pythia and the Pythian sports, musical and poetic games, that took place at the site every 4 years.

The boys were impressed by the landscape and the beauty of nature and despite the summer heat, they walked and explored the entire archaeological site. Children from Egypt, told us how the archaic statues we saw in the museum, reminded them of Egyptian antiquities and we discussed the influences of ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian Civilizations exerted on ancient Greek art and sculpture.

Mary D, Andy D, Eleni A., Maria N., Odile B., Nikola L., Stavro A., Odyssea V., Maria D., Afroditi A.,., Maria K., Antoni R. & Giorgo S ., this trip would not have happened without your love and support! You truly make the difference.

Thank you!



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