Since December 2021, Kinoniko EKAV undertook the operation of the "Kallisti" project, which is implemented with the co-financing of the Emergency Assistance Mechanism of the Asylum Immigration and Integration Fund of the European Union. Within the framework of this project, three new Accommodation Shelters for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees are now in operation - for refugee boys aged 12-18 - . Two of the Shelters are located in Attica and one in the Prefecture of Larissa.

In the 3 new Hospitality Shelters, minors receive care on a 24-hour basis and in addition to the psychosocial, legal and educational support, they have the opportunity to participate in vocational training workshops. The realization of these workshops is considered crucial for adolescents, as it covers a large gap that is created during the adulthood of unaccompanied refugees. These courses enhance the sense of independence and equip the young guests with the necessary knowledge, so that they are prepared for their smooth integration into society in adulthood.

The Shelters are framed by social workers, psychologists, teachers, interpreters and caregivers. Legal support is also provided for the process of reuniting children with their families living in Europe, or any other procedures required to respect their rights, such as obtaining political asylum in Greece.

The implementation of the "Kallisti" project ensures the harmonious development of each child, always taking into account the diversity and choices of each individual but also ensuring protection in one of the most vulnerable groups of the population.