14The purpose of the Kinoniko EKAV is the urgent intervention to support people who are in a state of deep misery and social marginalization, people who are unable to meet their basic needs on their own. Therefore, the Kinoniko EKAV is the first link in a long chain that starts from the urgent treatment of despair until the completion of social reintegration.

In this context, the Kinoniko EKAV cooperates with institutions of mental and social health, with independent social organizations that are active in these sectors, as well as with any public or private organisation, that fight against social exclusion.

Through its daily activities, the Kinoniko EKAV intends to create human, interpersonal relationships with people who have been marginalized. In this sense, it is an "immaterial house", a "house without walls" for all people who need help.

The Kinonniko EKAV is independent of governmental parties, political or religious bodies and has the following values as point of reference:

The Kinoniko EKAV helps socially marginalized people, through human interpersonal activities, so that they regain strength and self-confidence and are able to express and claim their own demands. The Kinoniko EKAV offers with modesty andrespect to the freedom of each individual, the assistance that will ensure people’s human dignity.

The Kinoniko EKAV, recognizing the equality of all people, acts with a spirit of solidarity to ensure the rights of socially marginalized people to health care, regardless of their insurance status and with any kind of activity: diagnostic, therapeutic or preventive. The Kinoniko EKAV seeks for appropriate solutions to provide these people with food and shelter when needed.

The Kinoniko EKAV informs the socially marginalized people about all their rights, helps them to exercise these rights, as well as to connect with the welfare, health, and social services. It also urges them to claim every element of their administrative status, as well as to exercise all their political rights, derivedby the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Kinoniko EKAVseeks for marginalized people, knowing that, often, they no longer have the strength to seek the necessary support on their own. The Mobile Units of the Kinoniko EKAVconstitute the appropriate tool for the first approach of those who are in conditions of marginalization, as well as for ensuring the constant contact between the groups of the organization and these vulnerable groups of the population.

The Kinoniko EKAV treats the effectiveness of its activity as an imperative need. For this reason, it cooperates only with personnel that has specialized knowledge and special training.