Kinoniko EKAV is an independent organization of social solidarity. It is inspired by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and embraces the values of Freedom, Equality and Solidarity.

The purpose of Kinoniko EKAV is the urgent intervention to support people who are in a state of deep misery and social marginalization, people who are unable to meet their basic needs by themselves. Kinoniko EKAV is a link in a chain that starts from the urgent treatment of despair until the completion of social integration.

21In this context, Kinoniko EKAV cooperates with public health, welfare and social institutions, with independent social organizations active in these sectors, as well as with any body, public or private, local or international, that can support the fight against social exclusion. By creating collaborations, Kinoniko EKAV always remains independent from any governmental, party, political, religious, or other body.

Through its daily activities, Kinoniko EKAV aims to create human, interpersonal relationships with people who have been marginalized. In this sense, it is an "intangible house", a "house without walls" for all people in need of solidarity.